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Penguin Lovers Unite!

For a very long time now, penguins have been the objects of our affection. Not necessarily the real penguins, the kind that dive, go fishing, walk miles in order to breed, starve for long periods while they care for their offspring, though some of that has also made it into popular culture. Of course, penguin movies have been very popular and numerous and have lead more and more kids, and adults, to fall in love with penguins all over again.

In the beginning, there were not so lovable creatures like The Penguin, from Batman fame. The Penguin was a man born with penguin-like appendages and a funny manner of walking, was made fun of growing up and therefore turned to a life of crime that led to an eventual clash with Batman. Today, however, penguins have turned into more loveable creatures that surf, dance and make jokes in movies like Surf's Up, Happy Feet and Farce of the Penguins.

What makes penguins so popular? First of all, the chicks. Penguin chicks are, well, cute. They are small, furry, look like they are so helpless (and actually are), and are just plain lovable. Penguins also walk funny, look like they are wearing tuxedos and have odd characteristics (like not being able to fly).

Penguins are also loveable to people who don't care too much about movies and commercials. Scientists love penguins because they are really special animals. Some penguins live in really cold places like Antarctica, where they provide a fascinating spectacle during mating and breeding season. The documentary film, The March of the Penguins captured the hardships and the beauty involved with the Emperor Penguin's breeding ordeal. Penguins also capture the attention of tourists who find the odd bird in places like Peru or the Galapagos.

If you are a penguin lover, there aren't too many ways to see penguins that are easy and inexpensive. Most penguins live in really cold places that are hard to get to. However, places like Sea World, The Hilton Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, and most city and world zoos bring the penguins to you. It is very highly recommended that if you are unable to go on an Emperor Penguin Safari in Antarctica, that you visit one of these places. Penguins doing penguin things are much more fun, and funny, to watch than penguins surfing or tap dancing on a movie screen.

The popularity of the penguin has lasted decades and does not seem to be diminishing with time. Hopefully, as we grow smarter and learn more about this lovable creature, we will learn what, and how, to protect them so that they never go away. If you really love penguins, the best way to show it is to help take care of their environment and to help protect their habitat. The best way to do that is to learn as much as you can about the loveable, but very fragile animal.

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